• Connects your Scale-IoT® scale(s) to your computer wirelessly via Bluetooth connection
  • Supports Bluetooth Specification V4.0 (BLE) or above
  • Easy-to-carry compact size
  • Baud Rate: 1200 ~ 921.6Kbps (N.8.1) (Auto BaudRate)
  • Standard USB Connector
  • Dongle can be set up by communication tools using commands or by using FernLand BLE Tool.
Bluetooth SpecificationV4.0 (BLE) or above
ConnectorUSB Type-A male
USB SpecificationSupports USB 2.0 VCP
Transmission Power-6 to 4 dBm
Power SupplyDC 5V (USB-powered)
Dimensions70 x 26 x 12 mm
Dongle SetupVia direct commands or FernLand BLE Tool
  • Aesthetic appearance, compact structure
  • Easy to install, simple to operate, use APP to configure
  • Six-digit 7-segment high brightness LED display
  • Long life, stable and reliable
  • Use as second display for Bluetooth crane scale/counter scale/indicator
  • With broadcasting function, multiple BLE LED displays can simultaneously display the weight measurement of the selected Bluetooth crane scale / counter scale /indicator
  • Wireless range is up to 70m
ItemDigit height (mm)Dimensions(mm)
6 digits BLE LED Display200900×320×78
Power supply100 ~ 240 V
Operating temperature-10 ~40C
Illuminance0 ~ 10000 lx
Humidity< 90% RH
Wireless range~ 70M
  • Through Bluetooth transmitting weighing data, range up to 20M
  • Tare, Zero, Gross/Net weight, Zero Tracking
  • Work with any platform with 5-pin Aviation plug
  • Continuous use for 70 hours or standby for 1600 hours
  • Status indicators: Link/Pair, Low power/Charging, Calibration
  • 2 selectable transmission method: weight or internal count
  • Display on mobile device or with EXCELL’s GoW/QoW indicators; or connected to PC with EXCELL BLE Dongle
  • Use as part of WDC (Weighing Data Collection System)
  • External antenna can extend the range up to 60M (option)
  • Easy setup with APP ScaleConfig

TM+PC Setup File:

Power supplyAC 110V~240V (±10%) DC12VAdaptor or DC 3.7V / 1500mAh lithium battery
Dimensions130 x 94 x 58 mm
Resolution1/3000~1/15000 depending on the quality of the loadcell
Bluetooth4.0 BLE
  • External Antenna


Scale-IoT® Smart Weighing Data Collection System

  • WDC (Weighing Data Collection) System: A system that collects and stores weighing and quantity data in real time. This system can be customized to meet specific needs of a particular production line.
  • If you use a weighing scale to calculate product weight or quantity, you will certainly need WDC to help you manage beforehand, record data in real time, and analyze afterward.
  • We provide highly-customized design service specifically for your work flow and other needs. We can also help you establish standard operating procedures for your production lines, e.g. procedures regarding incoming and outgoing inventory management, weighing workstation operator management, sorted packaging management, etc.
  • WDC design is customizable. 
  • Smart Weighing Data Collection System (Customized Version) – Operating Procedures


  • System Requirements:
    • EXCELL Scale-IoT Weighing Station (for collecting weighing data):
      (Computer Software) (Mobile Device App)

       1.  Weighing PC: A computer for installing EXCELL Scale-IoT WDCA (Weighing Data Collection Application) 

       ※ Use EXCELL BLE Dongle to connect with a computer   Software Download

      2.  Weighing Mobile: A smart mobile device for installing the “W DataCollect” app (i.e. WDCM, the mobile version of EXCELL WDC System)

      ※ APP Store Key Search: EXCELL Precision, WDCM

    • EXCELL Scale-IoT Cloud/Database (for integrating and managing data from many different weighing stations): (Computer Software)                                                                 

      1.   Weighing Server: A computer for installing EXCELL Scale-IoT WDCS (Weighing Data Collection Server) 

      2.   Weighing Manager: A computer for installing EXCELL Scale-IoT WDMS (Weighing Data Management  System)   Software Download

    • Computer OS requirements: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems
    • Smart mobile device OS and hardware requirements: Android 4.3 or above, Bluetooth 4.0 or above, WiFi
  • Add Wi-Fi connection to your compatible EXCELL scale.
  • Incorporate Scale-IoT® to your compatible EXCELL scale.
  • Web-based setup and management
  • Wi-Fi operates in AP and/or STA modes (password protection can be used).
  • UART communication specification
  • TCP or UDP transmission mode settings

Item Communication SpecificationUARTSetup / ManagementWeb-basedWiFi Work ModeAP and/or STA mode(s)UART Baud Rate1200 to 460800 bpsTransmission ModesTCP/UDP server/clientDimensions72 x 47 x 10 mm (excluding antenna)

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